Saturday, July 22, 2006

What is 925 marking in Jewelry?

Hallmarks and what they mean, continue to be a problem for many people.

This question recently came in, and I though sharing it would help others...


I inherited a necklace with the marking 925 on it. It is a braided tri-color necklace and is stamped "Italy". Knowing it was made in Italy, can you please tell me what the 925 means?

Thank you


The 925 (sometimes shown as .925) is the decimal mark for Sterling Silver which is graded out of 1000 (being pure silver).

Don't let the other colors fool you - they are simply colored silver too.

Items like this (braided tri-color) are a standard and very pretty item, in which the Italians make the very best.

Hope this helps. You occasionally see these on eBay or at:


Slimjim said...


I have a 925 stamped gold button with the Gucci mark and Italy what quality gold is it

Anonymous said...

I have 6 bangle scripture bracelets marked 925 (appears to be a c with another c underneath- interlocking with the top one- then another c at the end, it almost makes a chritstian fish in the center

Anonymous said...

they both mean ur stuff is made up of 925 out of 1000 SILVER the rest can be copper, nickle, etc. BUT NO GOLD!

Anonymous said...

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